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Academy of Art University graduate. New York Institute of Photography graduate. Institute of Children's Literature graduate. Published children's book illustrator. Two-time Editors Choice Award winner.  Author. Wearer of many hats. Please feel free to click the About link if you are interested in learning more about Marie personally.


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What others are saying about M. Marie

What a wonderful subject. You have done well in capturing the intimacy, emotion and connection of this child, the dog and the animals. Very good! Darrel :)

Darrel Tank, 10/28/2011 

Marie--we all had to start somewhere, so it behooves us to hand the magic on when we can. Jane

Jane Yolen, 2/26/08

 Your passion will cause the words on the page to magically touch the heart of your readers. Magic is all around us....it just takes a writer's PASSION to find it. Shirley

Shirley G. Webb, 3/12/08 

You are one of a kind. I love your soul. Cheryl

Cheryl Danforth, 5/15/12

Wonderful Marie, I'm so proud to know you!! Robin

Robin Engala, 11/24/13

Beautiful words, beautiful images, beautiful spirit :). Sheila

Sheila Geoghegan, 2/18/08