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It was the more rural surrounding ponds, barns, fields, animals, and woodland that I was drawn to as a youngster. Ever since I can remember I have had a fascination for the natural world, and creating pieces with/of it, as well as the magic and fantasy that lies within. However it would be much later before the two interests of art, nature, and fantasy would collide. The quiet observation of the natural world, both wild and tame provides endless, creative possibilities. No matter the subject, it's the interpretation of what you see. The flow of paint to canvas, pencil to paper, digital, lens, or hands-on natural materials is how I translate and explore the world around me. It is this translation through the artist that makes the difference in a persons work. Our facts may be the same but our truths are different.

I moved to a farm when I was six years old. It was the most enjoyable, and valuable experience of my life. No physical alarm clock was needed, as the rooster’s crow was the beckoning call to view the sunrise. From the city streets before, I knew that the open air, animals, and my feet grazing the grass were where I belonged. Nature roamed in my blood and taught me to love and respect many forms of life, and growth. I don't like the boons, but I do enjoy a day at the lake or the surroundings of a farm, a small town, and even the occasional magic I find on trips to the city.

As a student at The Academy of Art University, I nurtured that growth to create pieces that can fill walls with smiles like those not so hidden in our natural surroundings. Having done illustrations for a published children’s book titled Life on Robinson’s Pond: Campers New Friend and various freelance pieces and logos for clients has kept my skills abreast. I was a writer and colorist before doing traditional art. My start was late. I've enjoyed the flowering that is continually developing through these years. I know art is something I could never grow tired of because of its continual learning process. You can never know it all.

It has also been the capture through a lens and my studies in professional photography with The New York Institute of Photography that helps me capture nature, beauty, architecture, and all the wonders that abound in our magnificent world. It helps capture things I may later want to paint, but its also the noticing of lines, curves, textures, and all of the wondrous colors and personalities.

Writing has been a passion of mine since I was a little as well. Its been an escape of feelings, desires, and fantasies. I have a shoebox and computer files with various thoughts exposed to poetry, musings, and simple feelings expressed. 

Feel free to visit my blog if you feel so inclined for all things nature inspired, healthier, as well as life in general at https://natureme.blog

Being an artist, writer, or any of my other side gigs is not easy.  It is MANY MANY long hours of work, promotion of your business, time management, self-motivation, and many times lack-of-respect from others. It takes a certain perseverance and will to be able to juggle it all (not to mention the many other hats worn at various times). It is not a typical 9-5, but it is what I enjoy. It is what makes me happy and makes me feel more full with purpose. 

A last word of advice from me to you: Nevermind the naysayers in life. Maintain strength. Nudge forward in your pursuits. Never give up. I urge you all to 

Chase your dreams. Do the things that make you happy. Do what makes your soul feel full.

M. Marie~

"Let Providence be your guidance"


"The Caterpillar and the Chameleon" By M.M.Williams / Editors Choice Award - Published in a book of Anthologies-The Silence of Yesterday

"The Wind" By M. M. Williams / Editors Choice Award - Published in a book of Anthologies- Immortal Verses

Bread--Children's book written by Marie and Illustrated by her daughter Tobye.

Life On Robinson's Pond, Campers New Friend--Children's book written by Thomas Hood, and Illustrated by Marie

A graduate of The Institute of Children's Literature

A graduate of The Academy of Art University with a degree in Illustration

A graduate of The New York Institute of Photography

Member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writers, and Illustrators)

Member of the SCRAC (Shelby Regional Arts Council)